Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday 30th October 2010

Saturday afternoon, and the sofa beckons as matches kick off up and down the country, and Norwich are on the radio again. And so I think I should take the chance and laze around for a couple of hours.
we got back home just after twelve, and since then have had pork pie for lunch, and for me, a bottle of the porter. Coming after a visit to a country pub as well where I was duty-bound to sample their wares.

But, we are getting ahead of ourselves a little. Yesterday's blog did not get finished as we went to bed real early yesterday, as the kittens have been trying to dig their way into our room in the wee small hours. If the noise is not enough, when they do get in, instead of sleeping they see toes and lumps under the duvet as play things. This morning it was three o'clock, although we did go back to sleep, it meant a night of broken sleep, and thoughts of what we are going to do tonight so as to get some sleep until dawn. Our team of experts is working on it.

Talking of cats and kittens, things are settling down, less hissing and spitting, it might even mean a peaceful house within a month!

We were off out of the house before eight this morning; and off up the A2 to Canterbury. I wanted to take a shot of an old pub for a friend, snap an attractive church for myself, and for the both of us, looking at a new bathroom.

The Old and the New

The pub was on a main road into the city, but at dawn it did not look too good, being at the edge of a retail park. we will go back one day to sample the beers for sure. And then off to the church, St Dunstan's. It is now beside the main road through the city, or around the city centre, but once it must have been a wonderfully quiet area back before mass transport came.
It was closed, of course, but attractive enough as it was with dawn's brightening light behind it's tower.

We drove to a central car park, and then walked into the city centre to find a nice place to have a coffee and a bite to eat. We found an Italian themed place, but had toast and either jam or marmalade as well as a huge Americano.

It was now nine, and the shops began to open, and so we walked to the bathroom shop to see their wares. what we found was shocking; £6000 baths and £4000 showers! Seems like our plans with either have to be changed or delayed. we took a nice brochure and we reminded as we left that they do a 'free' design service.

The Country Gentleman

So, having done everything in the city we headed back to the car, just as the rush of people arriving into the city peaked. We drove out, but instead of heading straight home we thought of heading to a music shop in Deal; but instead of taking the road out east I stayed on the Dover road. But, there are many possible roads, and so we headed off through the country from the A2. At the first village, Patrixbourne, I was seduced by the signs to the church; and so we turned off and headed off up a narrow lane towards the church.

The church is fine, and set amongst some stunning houses and oast house conversions. We snapped the scene and the church; but for me, sadly, was locked, and so we made do with looking at the wonderful village before heading back to the car. Like a lot of villages now, Patrixbourne has no pub or shop; it is near Canterbury, but that does mean a ten mile round trip to get the paper of a pint of milk.

We ended up in another village, Ickham; famous for it's quadruple towered oast house conversion; and it was a view of these we did first; heading off up a footpath between the oasts and a row of cottages.

The Duke William, Ickham

The church is another fine one, set back from the road over a huge village green. And wonderfully, it was open, and we went in so I could snap it to add to my list. It was now eleven, and the pub over the road was just open, and so we made our way there for a thirst-quencher, and a read of The Times.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday 29th October 2010

Washing up, by its nature, should not be dangerous. Ever wondered at those figures that are sometime trotted out from time to time, 76 people a year are injured in sock-related accidents? Well, yesterday I was washing up, and part of that is to take the wrapper from the empty can that held breakfast's grapefruit. Next thing, somehow, I had nearly sliced the end of my finger off, and there was blood everywhere.

And it kept on coming!

Who'd have thought, one index finger could have so much blood in it? I waited for Julie to come home and so she could put a bandage and plaster(s) on.

And while I'm at it, why is it always the index finger? and why does it always get banged??

Oh well. I am now off washing up duties until the finger;


drops off.

Such is life.

On with the show.

Scully (again)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wednesday 27th October 2010

It has been a day in which everyone has just carried on. Which is good. As you can imagine, we have talked, swapped gossip and rumours and in reality, we know nothing. That I am still able to book course means that for the near future at least I have a job, and so with that thought, we will carry on as normal.

Once we discover what 'normal' is, of course.

And today, is a very important day, the day when it all becomes worthwhile; pay day. And so we have a healthier bank account, and tentative plans for the future, and with those we will go forward.

I am off to Kendal in mintcake-shire in December for a course; working at heights. I think I will keep my vertigo quiet and hope I can get through it. It does mean a train journey up through Manchester-vibes-in-the-city again, and riding on a bendy tilting train to boot. And get paid for it; yay!

The kittens are a delight still, and are getting bigger and going out a little each day. The others are still not happy, with hissing and spitting, but we think its all gonna work out fine.

So, all is not so bad as first thought and we shall keep calm and carry on, and if in doubt, brew up.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tuesday 26th October 2010

Well, here I am at home. and not, as you would have expected in a travel hotel somewhere in the vicinity of London City Airport, ready for our red-eye flight to Copenhagen in the morning.

No, I am home.

Let's be honest here, the economy, the European economy is screwed. And we knew the company was in a bad way, but that did not prepare us for the news this morning. One thing I will say for Vestas is they do keep us informed of what is going on, even if there is an attempt to sugar-coat the bad news. Kinda. Some 3,000 people, workers, friends, whatever, are to lose their job as five factories around Denmark and Sweden are to close.
One of the factories to close is the one we should have been visiting these next three days; needless to say the trip was cancelled as they all come to terms with what may be the biggest employer in the area is to close. soon.

And what of us? That is what taxes us, and the answer is we don't know. For now several technicians are to lose their jobs, but for the rest of us we wait, while the axe hovers over us all. Of course it might not come to that, things are moving, there is the hint of work next year, of turbines to be built. But, for now, we wait.

And to think three and a half weeks ago, I thought all was fine. we thought all was fine, for it all to be in the mixer once again. It is the modern way, with jobs appearing and disappearing like nutrenos in a particle accelerator.

So, for now, we carry on as normal. Don't panic, don't panic.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday 25th October 2010

As I have said before, weekends are great. You can lay in bed and do nothing all day. Or would be able to if the kittens were not trying to claw the bedroom door down from about four in the morning. We kid ourselves that all will be better when all cats can get along and there will be no fighting, hissing and spitting, and the kittens no longer see everything, toes included, as a giant plaything just for them.

Until then, we must barricade ourselves into our bedroom, so no cats can get in, but at the same time a flow of air can pass through. This does mean we can hear every utterance by each cat and kitten, but heck, what can you do? We do get a good night’s sleep, though, which is what is important after all.

I left work at around four on Friday, and called in at the family butcher we sometimes use out in the country, as we fancied steak for dinner one day. And so I bought half a cow’s buttock for us, some pork pies, six thick rashers of bacon and pork, ginger and leek sausages. Oh, and a huge chorizo so I could make hash that night for dinner.

Chorizo hash uses up all the old vegetables and other stuff from the fridge, and is well tasty. And so once Jools was back home from work, I prepared everything and threw it in several pans, and in about half an hour it was ready. It was very nice with a drop of rouge vin. After that we sat down to watch The Ghost, which was not bad, but I did read the book last year, and my concentration did wane during the film. But it was OK.

Hight tide at St Margaret's Bay 23rd October 2010

Saturday, we headed down to the bay in the village once the rain stopped. This coincided with high tide, and so we walked along the sea wall dodging the waves crashing over, and marvelling at the wonderful light and clouds. Needless to say I snapped the scene, and then the pub down there, the Coastguard, beckoned, and so although we only intended to have a drink, the fresh fish and chips looked wonderful, and so we ordered that and sat down to listen to the group of old blokes on the next table talking about modern life.
The fish and chips was wonderful, and worth the wait, and the price almost worth it. We drove back for an afternoon of snoozing and listening to football and beading. But for a hint of mystery, I won’t say who did what. Although whoever listened to the football found he had two kittens to sleep on his lap for the duration, which was nice.

St Margaret's Bay

I made pumpkin and carrot soup for supper; and rather good that was too. And we listened to the radio as night fell.

Sunday was a glorious autumnal day; and so we decided to join the ramble and so trample over the country talking about middle class things. It is lazy to say that most ramblers fall into a certain demographic; but it is also true. But it gets us exercise, and sadly, although we are by some 15 years, the youngest members, we are the un-fittest and so struggle, but we do plod on, and as it’s an easy pace, I get to hang back and take shots.

White Cliffs Ramblers; Challock ramble 24th October 2010

We rambled through the woods surrounding Challock, and area Jools and I know quite well, but it was enjoyable, and the light was stunning and the colours of autumn were wonderful. After two hours we had done our six miles, and time to head to the pub for (liquid) refreshment. And then back home for lunch, those pork pies I bought on Friday, and more snoozing and football. And kittens asleep on lap.

White Cliffs Ramblers; Challock ramble 24th October 2010

And for dinner it was steak and chips. But that really does not do the repast justice. It was quite the best steak I have cooked, and maybe eaten. In all honesty, I could not be a vegetarian. That, and bacon. Because the smell of bacon cooking is irresistible. Of course.

And now it is time to head back to work, and this week I have meetings; which mean I have to fly to wonderful, wonderful Copenagen and then drive to an island in the Baltic to visit a blade factory. It is going to be something very different.

So, tune in next time for news of Scandinavia , and pickled herring. Until then, Mr Conway Twitty.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Saturday 23rd October 2010

Saturday; eight forty two in the morning: just finished three bacon sandwiches and the second pint of tea. Outside it is windy and raining. Inside, the kittens are playing, the adult cats are slowly coming round to the idea that the kittens are not going anywhere and may be here for a while. Certainly there is less hissing and spitting, which is always good. Letting the cats in our bedroom at night is still a no-no, as the kittens see toes moving under the duvet as playthings to be chased. So, just Molly is allowed in the bedroom at night, but even then as the nights get colder she gets on the bed and as the night goes on, one medium sized cat takes over it all.

The drive to work 21st October 2010

Anyway, it's going to be a quiet day today, no trips out. Maybe just to look at the waves crashing on the beach down in the bay. But a day of chores and housework, maybe listening to the football later and just relaxing.

The drive to work 21st October 2010

Not that work stresses me out; maybe it should. But the work gets done, we get results and earn our keep. Which is good; we spotted a mistake with the project paperwork, which although is serious, better that we find it than the client. That will be put right, and we recovered some more money, and prepared for our trip to Denmark next week. Yes, the international travel has returned, with me heading with my boss to Copenhagen on Wednesday, and then driving to a town called Nakskov to see where the blades for the turbines are made and have quality meetings; that's meetings about quality; the quality of the meetings may well be poor; who knows?


There has been some splendid sunrises this week, with the sun edging over the horizon as I arrive at work; one morning I took my cameras to work and snapped the scene along to road to the port. And then to my subterranean office with it's one tiny window letting in daylight. I'm not complaining; I stream radio, not radio 1 either. My office is a Chris Moyles free-zone. and so I work the day, listening to the radio, making spreadsheets, reports and writing mails. Writing lots of mails.

And then the weekend comes. Oh, and we're making more beer today as well! Yay, beer!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wednesday 20th October 2010

Or, first cut is the deepest.

Or, until the next cut.

Or, the first cut won't hurt at all.

Yes, the axeman cometh, and is cut, cut, cutting away, slashing budgets, spending and the such all over the place.

I find it all too much to listen to. I remember two years ago, a certain Prime minister of Scottish extraction telling us he had saved the world. Or something. And now the cost of that act of charity is all to clear. And, of course, it is not the bankers (Cockney rhyming slang) that is going to pay for these debts; it is the poor, the sick and elderly that will.

Just shows that things don't change. Thing is, I know the cuts have to be made, as the sums don't add up. But then the chancellor has admitted he knows very little about economics. But then again, Mr G. Brown was an economics major, and look how good he was!

The Governor of the Bank of England says a decade of pain or something like it lays ahead, and that manufacturing and exports are the way forward. Just the one problem that very few people make stuff any more. And for those that do, the future is ever more unsure as the nation's biggest employer, the government, is going to lay 495,000 at least off, meaning they will be buying less stuff, thus stifling demand even more.

And it goes on.

Today, work went well; meetings, preparing powerpoint presentations, writing mails and making phone calls. Lots of phone calls, to a Swedish call centre, trying to get a credit card activated so I can go to Denmark next week for meetings and the such. All is done now, and it only took three hours to sort out, seven international phone calls, and panic as my mobile did not work, and the activation code had to be sent by SMS only!

My office was painted today; it is now a swish magnolia colour, which makes a pleasant change from the dull magnolia it was before. There is a reason, but for now I don't know why.

Other that that, things go on much the same way; each day I understand a little more of what I am supposed to be doing, and everyone seems happy with what I am doing.

Which is nice.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday 18th October 2010

Post #362.

And a very pleasant good evening to you to Chez Jelltex. We've had roast corn-fed chicken, hazelnut and apricot stuffing, roast tats and lots of vegetables. For a Monday evening, it was a very pleasant meal indeed. I made the night better by popping a bottle of Grand Vin de Bordeaux 2005; very nice, and so I'm feeling quite, quite mellow.

A portrait of a kitten (4)

For a Monday, it was a pleasant day; some work, got some money back from one of our supplier; or at least a promise of a repayment, which is as good as it gets. For now. The rest has been more background reading, and listening to Friday's Steve Lamaq show on the i player. I called in Tesco on the way back, in a bid to change fro the shopping happening at the beginning of a weekend to the end. I had shopped at Waitrose last week, and vegetables are so darn expensive, I put it off. Put it off to Monday in fact. But we have a fridge full of stuff, and milk enough for a dozen breakfasts.

The weekend began some time Friday afternoon, with me sneaking out as I felt pretty rubbish and so made space tracks.

The wind in our ears!

Saturday morning, we decided to have a lay in bed for a while, play with cats various and then head out to Folkestone for some chores; one of which was to photograph a listed pub, and sample their ales. we wandred around the town centre, mixing with the shoppers and freaks. I was drawn to a stall selling old time sing along music on CD and tape. It did attract an odd mix of folks; the best of which was a rotund bloke in Oakley shades, sweat pants and a Stetson. Not many could carry that look off, he being one of them.

Vintage and Old-time music for sale

I went to the grand parish church now that the scaffold was down around its tower, and to sample the atmosphere inside. And then onto a different pub than planned; The British Lion. I had a pint and Jools had a cider; and we chatted to the barman in the twee surroundings of the snug.

The British Lion, Folkestone

So, the plan was to walk to the Coastguard and snap that. But the heavens had opened, and so as the car was on the way, so we hopped in the car and went home. And so the rest of the day was spent listening to the radio; football as usual, maybe with soe snapping of the kittens and such.

The River Thames from Richmond Hill

In the evening we went out for a meal at one of our favourite places; the Rising sun in Stourmouth. we had planned to have Spanish Paella, but we got seduced by Chateaubriand; which is a kind of fillet steak, big enough for two. which is good as there was two of us. The meal was spendid, and one time I will have to take some shots of the inside of this fine public house.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early for a trip to London in the car, to be on Richmond Park as early as possible; maybe to see some deer and enjoy the wonderful autumnal morning. we zoomed up the M20, along the Ms26s and 25 and then up the M3 into rich suburbia-land, past Twickenham and into Kew. This we realised was not Richmond, so being metrosexual, I checked the map and we headed back south into Richmond to the park, and actually found a parking space.

The Temperate House, Kew Gardens

We put on our boots that were made for walking and headed off into the gangs of dogs off the leash and their bohemian owners. we spied a gate in the fence beyond and made for it. The path lead through a Rhododendron thicket and into a quiet wood. All over the floor were plump chestnuts, which we collected.

we came out of the fenced area, and beyond was a splendid vista of woodland, fern covered health and a distant lake. And to our left was a group of deer. we crept up, but we made so much noise the deer shuffled off a little.

we walked through a semi-cleared forest and out into the heath; two stags ran past, I tried to snap them, but only got blurs. Families walked past, many with dogs either on leads or running madly barking at whatever or diving in lakes and ponds.

"Deer" - Extreme close up

As we made our way back to the car, we came across a doe, inbetween some bushes, she was not afraid, and we got some wonderful shots of the deer.

It was a short drive back to Kew; we parked like everyone else on a cycle lane and walked to the entrance. after a coffee and a bit to eat we walked around the wonderful gardens. Of course the trees were a riot of reds and oranges, but there were some summer flowers and blooms still giving it a go.

Autumn at Kew Gardens

Of course the tropical house and the temperate house were stunning, in all their Victorian glory; all full of fabulous plants and in the case of the tropical house, humid to heck. To an extent that all the camera was coated in condensation.

Autumn at Kew

We walked to the new treetop walk, a hundred feet up in the boughs of mighty trees, with great views over the the city of London. And all the while, the sun shone from a clear and deep blue sky.

And then it was time to head home, back along to craziness that is the m25 in daylight hours and back into Kent and back to our clifftop home and the arms of our kittens.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday 15th October 2010

I guess it is beginning to hit hoe what this job actually is. My boss is talking of two trips to Denmark in the next six weeks, we me going to head office as well as the main component factories, with meetings between us and the quality departments in those factories; and I am preparing the notes and presentations. I field calls from presidents of said factories, me not really realising how high in the food chain they are, but I give them the answers they want, and everyone is happy. Or so it seems.

The eyes have it

I am getting into the swing of having the office to myself. I listen to the previous nights Steve Lamaq radio show in the morning, and then listen to Radios 5 or six in the afternoon. It's all rather pleasant. I get on with my job, very few distractions. On occasions, someone comes down for a chat, which is always nice, and breaks up the day. I do nine hours like that, and then come home. It really is rather nice I have to say.

Scully, Actually.

And now it is the weekend, nothing much planned for us, maybe go to London; maybe not, depends how we feel in the morning. Maybe some walking, maybe not. But thats the beauty of weekends; they don't need to be jam-packed with exciting things to be wonderful.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wednesday 13th October 2010

Eight and a half months ago, I arrived on this project as a jobbing survey engineer. I was to meet the surveyor here, and he was not in sight. Far from having an office, we were just subbies. That eight days of waiting and working passed quickly; I gave little thought to the windfarm project after that, just the view of it from Deal road as we drove home when the light was good enough.

And then, I get this job, got given a computer, a phone and a bunch of cases to work on. And then the work begun. And over the months, each day I learned something new, and slowly bit by bit I got a handle on exactly what I was supposed to be doing, and how to dot hat and move formward.

And now the wind farm is built, it is producing lots of wiggly amps, and earning us a lot of money, and I have done well in my job; recovered some money. I wish it were more, but I have done my best with the information given in most cases, and not taken ‘no’ for an answer. Today, we moved into the building built by our client. I have an office to myself, next to the warehouse, but it is quiet, I can stream radio, the radio I want to listen to! And it has been good.

I can get lots more done without distractions of the drama going on above my head now. It feels good to belong, and good that my views and opinions are being listened to. Not bad, not bad.

Last night I wasted two hours of my life watching England play Montenegro ; drawing 0-0; did we not suffer enough during the summer? Apparently not. The same aimless play, misplaced passes and no real tactics. Sigh. I did have the kittens jumping on my legs and feet, life is never dull around them. The hissing from the other cats has continued, but we live in hope that we will all be one happy furry family soon enough. The kittens are growing up fast, playing, fighting with each other, and the whole world to explore. Wait until they go outside!

So, for now, nanu nanu.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday 10th October 2010

At past past ten and ten seconds, on the tenth day of the tenth month we were walking in the King's Wood near Canterbury. We were nearly up to see the sunrise this morning. In fact we were probably up early enough, but not dressed, nor had breakfast.And so the sun climbed into the pink heaven unseen by us until it was well above the horizon.

we decided there and then to make the most of the day and so rushing, we climbed into old clothes and into walking boots, and hence to the car and along to Dover, then to Folkestone and Ashford, before heading into the wooded hills around Challock.

We arrived at the wood, and there was just one other car; great. It's not that we mind other people, but they can be, well, noisy. and have dogs and children. And we wanted a nice quiet walk, with photographs and maybe seeing a deer or two. Nothing against children and dogs per se, you understand.

See the wood for the trees! ahem.

Through the wide ways near the car park, through the cleared area which last year was all naked stumps; now all taller than a man with new growth. And on into the evergreen forest, through a deep carpet of needles looking for the red or dark brown of a new mushroom or fungus. Although i did some great shots a few weeks back, as we were here; well, you never know when you'll see THE shot.

A touch of frost

And then on into the heart of the forest, past clearings, partially cleared areas giving dappled light to the forest floor; highlighting some exotic fungi.

Nothing really dramatic, just a walk in the woods, with a camera with my wife. Nothing special, just the sort of thing you can't do on a ship, and precisely why I was so unhappy at sea; because this was the sort of thing I Could NOT do.

anyway, time enough to head back to the car, and time then to see four deer jump across the track we were walking down. I had not time to raise my camera let along press the shutter. And back the other way they again, before they jump off into the undergrowth.

Catch me, I'm Falling (1)

And then we pass the families, the children and the dogs now arriving for their walk. For the most part the dogs running free, barking and running through the undergrowth, being generally un-quiet.

We go to visit Jools' Father and his wife; and Nan; swapping stories and news before it's time to head back home for dinner or pizza and for Jools to try out the home-brew cider, and we sit outside in the warm sunshine to eat and drink.

Later I take each of the kittens outside to let the smell 'outside'; of the two, Scully is the happiest, purring and senses going crazy at the overload. Mulder a little less sure, but not scared; oh no.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Saturday 9th October 2010

And so it seems, I am the only regular writing amongst my friends here on Blogspot. Which is shame as many of them are far better writers than I am, but then they have stuff going on in their lives to take up their time.

What can I tell you about my week? well, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep and I think you can guess what happened on Friday. The difference is now that I am a permanent employee, with a white collar and a corporate credit card and fringe benefits; it does feel different. I have got more money back, €25,000 or so, which justifies what I have been doing. And now I have a bigger task of overhauling the whole system and making it easier to understand for those that follow.

Mulder and Scully

I like a challenge.

And then there is the trips. Trips to sunny Denmark at the end of this month and at the end of November; meeting and greeting, with the real purpose of explaining where our suppliers went wrong. I get to write and present our findings, which is a big job, but one I am up for.

It has been a football-less week, with international games this weekend and on Tuesday, and so it gave me a chance to catch up with some reading and listening to the radio.

And so the week passed. Very quickly. Seems like it was only Sunday yesterday, and now it's the weekend again.

Driving to work this week, the dawns have been wonderful, with blood red sun discs or layers of mist following streams and ditches. But this beauty is tempered by the idiots I share the road with; no lights, no indicators and no thinking; all of which are so dangerous. So, it is always with some relief that I get to work each morning. The journey home is not so bad as the roads are more crowded, and maybe people not so pumped up with coffee, or worse half asleep.


Wednesday evening, we had my boss round for dinner. Our way of saying thank you. In truth it works for all of us, me, Jools, him and the company. We cooked roast chicken, and we opened a good bottle of wine, and we chatted. It was a very pleasant evening indeed. and then he had to get a taxi back to his hotel in Ramsgate; £40! I don't think he'll be doing that much!

Apart from that, there are the kittens, which are still a delight. each day they explore a bit more, and annoy our other cats. But it is the way of things, and we hope in not too soon the four of them may live in peace and harmony. Probably not, but there is less hissing now; although the kittens just want to play with the big cats.


So, the weekend is here; today dawned great and foggy, so no pictures of sunrises for us. All that is planned is a haircut for me and then tidy up the garden and see how the rest of the day pans out. We will find a wood to walk in tomorrow, as the weather should almost be as good as today.

So, enjoy it out there, peeps.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tuesday 4th October 2010

Yay, weekends. like better than being at work!

and so Friday was my first day as an official Vestas Offshore UK worker, and so to celebrate I wore my (only) suit for effect, and it caused some comments that's for sure.

Anyway, mid-afternoon came and it was time to leave for the weekend. I did feel the need to maybe put in an hour longer than I would have normally, but by three o'clock I was on the road home, listening to live weather reports from wales as play for the day seems to be cancelled in the Ryder Cup.

It poured here in Kent too, and when i got home, I found a ton of logs we ordered had been delivered, and dumped in the drive; so I puts on me old clobber and out in the rain move said logs under the car port. The kittens watch me from the living room window, probably thinking I was mad.

Back home, and life is full of kittens and the such. Yay!

And so, the weekend. Saturday, I had organised a Flickermeet at Chatham Royal Naval dockyard; I only hoped some people other than ourselves would turn up. In fact we knewone would turn up as we were taking Ken to the meet ourselves.

Chatham Dockyard Flickrmeet 2nd October 2010

About eight of us turned up, and it was good to see them there. At ten we go in and head to Covered Slip #3, aka The Big Space, a huge wooden building, as big as a cathedral, built to cover the construction of wooden ships below. Just an amazing space.
The weather started out fine and sunny, but clouded over. Some of us went for the tour of a submarine, and then wandered around the rest of the dockyard. We all met up at the ropery, and once again we watched the wonders that is the art of making rope.

Deeds no Words. With Rob

When we came out, it was nearly four, and the rain had begun to fall. And so we headed back to the car, and into the whacky races that is Saturday afternoon on the streets of the Medway towns. Quite what the hurry was is a mystery, and one tried to run us off the road after I touched my brakes as he was tailgating us.


So, after all that excitement, it was good to head back to Dover and home.

Sunday, and the rain did fall. and so we sat inside with the cats and watched the rain fall down the windows. and then turned our attention to the football on TV.


and back to work on Monday, with me being my boss, kinda, and doing the same job I have done for the past six months. I took the two ladies from the agency out for lunch as well. Just to say thanks for getting me the placement now that has turned into a 'real' job. So we sat in Pizza Express, looking at the marina below and eating hot and spicy pizza. In truth, I had salad.

No really.

Hot mushroom, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella with avacado and leaves. Nice. What would have been better would have been sipping a glass of red rather than diet Coke.

And so the week goes by and the weekend gets closer. And we're having my boss for dinner tomorrow; Oh Crikey!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday 1st October 2010

So, here I am at work, sitting at my same desk, doing the same old job. And dealing with the same issues; I can only work when folks mail me answers, and with it being early closing in Denmark , there is not much chance of more work happening today. The difference is that I am now on the payroll, and I have to complete certain number of hours per week, and so I feel at least obliged to stay here until maybe three this afternoon.

It is a time of change, not just me staring full time for Vestas, but people are leaving, and my boss is no longer the site manager, he has been replaced with the guy who is going to run the site for the next few years. One of the secretaries was let go yesterday and many of the technicians have already left. A few weeks ago, our view of the harbour and sea was blocked by double and triple stacked portacabins for all the sub-contractors; everywhere was a hive of activity. But all those have gone, and we have a pretty clear view of the ferries going back and forth out of the dock, and of the fishing boats further out.

At least it is Friday, and the weekend looms ever large. I did the shopping on the way home yesterday, and so we don’t have that chore over the weekend. Tomorrow we are heading back to Chatham for a Flickrmeet, which I have organised, and so hope to see many people from all over Kent attending and snapping away. We shall see. Apart from that, not much else planned, maybe watch some kittens, do some cooking, baking and watching sport.


Next week things will change, as my Boss will have a stack of tasks for me to be getting on with, as well as this project stuff; that should keep me busy over the winter until the new project begins. Anyway, for now, we shall just bask in the warm glow of a job well done, so far, and the future looks clear and bright.


Stay lucky.