Friday, 14 February 2020

Getting some in: part 10

Dateline: 13th February 1991, AWM 218, RAF Cosford.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thank you for the food parcel that arrived, what a surprise. All my favourites. The flavoured chocolate went straight away. And suddenly I became very popular! Have you opened the cake yet? is the most common question.

We played football down the gym last night for two hours, and I pulled a muscle. Woke up this morning and ached all over. We did this to avoid going down the NAAFI to drink. I even bought a bottle of Ribena to drink.

Here are a few words from Mark:

Hello, how are you? Things are going quite well here, course is quite good now. We have just done release equipment, lots of laughs(!) Ian is right, he hasn't had a drink since Saturday, but I think that prohibition will end tonight! See you soon,


Well, there you are, a man of few words. Well he is from Swindon. No, he's a good bloke. I have to say that as he's sitting next to me

Sorry I haven't phoned or written, but I have been busy and short of cash.

I got 73% in the latest exam.

My own room is lovely, I watched Aliens last night. In bed. Luxury.

There's a video shop at the local garage, so I'll go and hire a load out if I can.

Hope you've been able to get the car moved, I have cancelled the insurance.

We are all now off to play football again, must be a glutton for punishment. I'm much happier after the weekend at home, really did me good.

Hope everyone is OK: Iris, Henry, Speedy, etc. Send everyone my regards. Its a lovely day here, blue skies and even quite warm. Well, compared to recently. I think you had the worse weather.

Mark keeps stealing this letter to see what I've written; what an untrusting person he is.

There;s a new series of Red Dwarf starting tomorrow, so something to look forward to. Don't suppose I'll get any Valentine's cards tomorrow.

That's it, see you soon,


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