Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Crush the saboteurs

In a move that caught even her ministers off guard, the PM announced that after a year denying there would be a spring election, in fact there now would be a spring election.

The reason for this can be mooted, maybe wrongly or rightly.

It seems that having to go to Parliament and having to an explain for Government's position on the Brexit strategy is all too tedious, and so what better way of stopping any semblance of scrutiny than by calling an election, contrary to the Fixed Term Parliament Act which should have stopped this kind of gerrymandering, but no. And given an open goal in which if Labour opposed this, the PM would have to have triggered an no confidence vote on herself and her Government, Corbyn says he will support the vote in the Commons today.

The upshot, and probably the real reason for the election, is that the next election can now be put off until 20122, and not 2019, just when Brexit negotiations are drawing to an end, and having to explain the clusterfuck that will happen then. But to do that, the next seven weeks will be all about the election, and what is really going on with Brexit and Banks exodus from London will be on the inside pages, whilst the right wing press cheer for harder and harder Brexit, ignoring facts as always.

There is no real opposition, under Corbyn, Labour's poll ratings have tanked. Even with Brexit, the NHS in crisis, care homes in crisis, inflation leaping up, he still can't turn things around. Labour is expected to lose 100 of the seats it has, and May increase her a commanding majority of upwards of 150 seats. God help us all.

And the press: The Mail sees Parliament exercising its duty to scrutinise as being saboteurs and worse. The Sun uses the headline "Blue Murder", referring to the size of a potentioal Tory majority and the death of the Labour Party. However, coming less than a year after the murder of Jo Cox, not in the best of tastes nor wise. But that's Murdoch rags for you.

There is a train of thought that the election might water down the power of the extreme Brexiteers, and give May wiggle room to negotiate a milder Brexit. I doubt this. And yet she herself was a Remainer, as was her Foreign Secretary, and now its Brexit all the way, and bugger the consequences. And why should I care? I have a job, a job with a Danish company, we will be able to pay our bills, and maybe even retire in eight years. But I care about my country, and that it is about to be lead off a cliff for purely idological reasons, and to keep the Conservative Party. Playing political games with everyone's future wealth. Just remember that in the years to come.

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