Thursday, 6 April 2017

Tuesday 4th April 2017

I woke at ten to seven, ten hours sleep and I feel great. Time for a shower, get dressed and pack, go down to breakfast to eat and check out. Half the tables are taken by colleagues from my employer, but I don't know them.

I pay the bill, and pack the car, drive out into the peak of rush hour, creeping round the ringroad to where I have to turn off and go up the main road out of town, before turning onto the business park to where our head office is.

Ninety two I at least have time to work in the morning, but in the afternoon I have five hours of meetings, and then I have to drive to Esbjerg, but then theres another meeting to squeeze in, just when I thought I was leaving.

It is a glorious, if cold day in Denmark. So cold I had had to scrape ice off the car windows when I left the hotel, but by the end of the day, it was warmer, and so I walked out to the near-empty car park to the Aud, got in and drove out onto the main road which leads to the motorway, and from there sounth for 45 minutes, turn east to Esbjerg, another 45 minutes way.

Traffic was fairly heavy, but in the car I could make good time, powering past lines of trucks and smaller cars, having the time of my life as the herds of horses under the bonnet roared and took me over the speed limit a few times.

Once onto the Esbjerg motorway, traffic was very thin, so I could relax and enjoy the drive into the setting evening sun, the sky and countryside bright with the colours of evening, and fuzzy with a little mist.

I get the last parking space outside the hotel, am welcomed warmly at reception, the bloke remembering me. I have a rom on the 3rd floor. As I walk to the lift, Manu arrives, so we make arrangements to meet up for dinner at half seven.

Rack of lamb with chorizo gravy I had, no leftovers like poor Jools had to have.It was nice, if rich, and I knew I would be suffering with indigestion all night. Which I did.

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