Saturday, 1 April 2017

Friday 31st March 2017

And here we are once again, at the end of another working week. All we have to do is get through the day. And I have four hours of meetings, and maybe even more having come through overnight.

But its what we're here for, apparently.

It was bright enough outside, but it would turn out that I would not get a chance to enjoy it, as work piled up, and there were grenades to deal with.

At least there is the calm of early morning; we rise now with the sun, it is half light when we get up, but soon the sun rises and warm light shines onto the side of the house. At half seven, I switch the computer on to see what the day has in store.

With it being springtime, the cats are otherwise engaged in stalking duties outside, so I am left alone to get on with work, have breakfast and another coffee.

Come eleven, I grab a bite to eat inbetween meetings, a peppered beef slice from Morrison's, which goes down a treat. And then the meetings begin again.

The day gets worse when I have to check other's work, having been assured all was good, I still found mistakes, so it all has to be done again. My brain is ready to explode, so after sending one last mail at half three, I am done for the day, happy to sit in front of the TV watching Time Team with Molly beside me.

Eighty eight Jools has gone shopping on the way home from work, and also gone to the chippy too, so arrives with a bootful of shopping and freshly cooked fish and chips. It was only half four.

Steve Lamaqc is on the radio, playing some tunes, and it lightens our mood. I mean, we're happy its the weekend, but it all seems so draining. I find another edition of Time Team to watch, that finishes in time for TOTP from 1983. It seems shorts that looked like nappies were big then, not the most attractive look if I'm honest.

The comes Gardeners' World, more flower fun with The Don, and finally Only Connect. Outside it is dark, a badger is clearing up the bird sheed, and for us, it is time for bed. We go to sleep to the sound of the badger munching on seeds.

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