Sunday, 2 April 2017

War with Spain

Another "I told you so" moment, that the future of Gibraltar would be interwoven with the Brexit settlement between the EU and Great Britain. The EU have said that the Rock's future must be discussed between London and Madrid.

It was clear to most of us with the basic understanding that the status quo in a multitude of fields and subjects would be up for grabs with Britain leaving the EU, including Gibraltar. But or warnings were labeled as "project fear". Not that it is project reality, then the Tory grandees were rolled out for the Sunday morning politic shows, with Michael Howard suggesting Mrs May would defend Gibraltar with the same resolve as Mrs Thatcher did the Falklands.

Not only is this clearly insane, but Britain does not have an operational aircraft with any aircraft to fly off it when it is commissioned. And the other point being, is this the way to start negotiations with a trading bloc of friendly 27 nations by openly suggesting we would go to war with Spain? Insanity with balls on.

So, in the four days we have gone from delivering the Article 50 notification with people seriously suggesting war with Spain? And the Torygraph is egging them on suggesting the damage the rump Royal Navy could do to the Spanish Navy.

You really could not make this shit up. I wish I were.

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