Thursday, 6 April 2017

Wednesday 5th April 2017

Another glorious morning in Denmark. Although the glorious sunshine of the previous day had been replaced with dark low cloud, and a cold wind blew from the east. It was a day for being indoors I felt. Just as well then that I was conducting an audit.

Yes, you can't beat a good audit, and it was my turn to audit back.

After getting dressed, I am down having breakfast, and as is usual at this time of the year, there is a mix of the workers and tourists in the hotel, those of us in workgear, are focused on refueliing for the day, whilst the leisure guests take their time. And why not?

I get to drive the Audi again, at least not having to scrape ice off the window that morning, and go the 5 minutes, down along the main road, alongside the new harbour branch line, which despite now having been relaid two years ago, seems not have seen a train, and the sidings near the office are a new car storage facility.

Anyway, in the office to see the installation vessel had arrived. Because, as I forgot to tell you, on Monday the final turbine was installed, and so another major milestone in the project completed. There will be celebrations later.

Anyway, down to work, and let's get auditing.

At lunchtime, Manu and myself go into town to Aunt Betty's bagel shop for bagels. Why not? And in a luxurious change, we eat on the premises rather than take them back to the office and eat while we work.

Back to the office to complete the audit, then to write the report. Always the pain in the backside thing to do. But at half four, I am done, and as I had been invited out for dinner, I close the computer down and walk back to the car for the short blast to the hotel to change and check where I am going.

Jesper worked for me as an inspector, and has invited me to his farm in the middle of nowhere in the Jutland boondocks for dinner on his farm and meet his family. It looked hard to get to, but then as it was off the main road to the tower factory, a road I knew well, I thought I couldn't go wrong and so used my sense of direction rather than the sat nav.

I turned off the main road, and went about three miles on the country lane, past farms and over the single track bridge over the line to Varde and there was Jesper's house. I know this because I had used GSV to scout the route, so knew which house was his, even where the drive started. So easy.

Ninety three Jesper met me, introduced me to his wife and young son. They bought a ramshackle farm a few years back, and are renovating it, a it at a time. He also has his own wood, complete with snowdrops and other spring plants. But being Denmark it is too early for the other stuff.They have done the kitchen and living room, and looks good. But he has stables, barns and loft spaces to improve or rebuild. Will take years. He has cooked roast pork and some kind of potato dish, and he cracks open a fine bottle of Belgian ale to wash it down with.

At eight, I am done, I also have to be up at half five to drive to the airport. So I bid them goodbye, climb into the car and power up the horses. Roar they say. When I get back to the hotel, I find there is football on TV, Citeh v Chelsea, so I HAVE to watch it. No matter how tired I might be.

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