Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Wednesday 19th April 2107

Molly slept the night stretched out laying against the back of my legs. She slept well, while I worried about moving too much least I disturb her. Which explains why I woke cranky having had another night of poor sleep. Molly was bright as a button needless to say.

Outside the sun was already rising in the east, casting warm orange light onto the wall in the hall through the spare bedroom window, but outside it looked like there had been a frost, showing the winter might yet have a bite in its tail.

A late afternoon legstretcher Jools is ready for work by half six, she has much work to do. So, after she leaves I am alone again, so make breakfast, another coffee and while away the time until it was time to start work.

In fact, it was a good day at work, I got lots done, dealt with the inbox, clearing out mails, checking data and sending out records Phew.

A late afternoon legstretcher Outside it was a wonderful day, I look outside wishing I could be out there, but even going to walk round the garden reveals the day to be far colder than it looks, unless you were sheltered from the wind.

A late afternoon legstretcher Lunch is taken at half ten, and again at half twelve when the other half of the bread roll can be heard calling me to it it. SO I do.

One hundred and seven Once work is done for the day, I go for a walk. Not too far, just over the fields to check on the butterfly glade and the pigs in the copse. I snap a Comma in the glade, but the pigs were snoozing deep in the wood, I could see them in the distance.

A late afternoon legstretcher It is mighty cold out walking over the fields, but always worth going out, not knowing what you might see or who you will meet. I was glad to get back home mind, I open a bottle of beer and after putting some seeds out for the birds, settle down to watch some more Time Team. Dinner is easy, asparagus fried in butter, then leftover aubergine and pasta salad. But its tasty food, and full of summary freshness.

Tongerlo Prior Tripel 9 A quiet night, packing and preparing for tomorrow, for what might be my last trip to Leuven.

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