Friday, 7 April 2017

The first 21 days of Brexit

Project fear became project reality. Here are highlights from each of the nine days as the brexit bumblebees bang their heads against the double glazing of reality.

Many thanks to @JolyonMaugham

On the First Day of Brexit, we jeopardised the safety of our own people by using security cooperation as a bargaining chip.

On the Second Day of Brexit we undermined the sovereignty of our Parliament by planning to give law making powers to an unelected Executive.

On the Third Day of Brexit we were warned by carmakers that Brexit was "the biggest threat in a generation."

On the Fourth Day of Brexit we learned that no one believed our computer systems could cope with us leaving the Customs Union

On the Fifth Day of Brexit, and after sixty years of peace inside the EU, a former Tory Leader threatened to go to war with the Spanish.

On the Sixth Day of Brexit Spain accepted an independent Scotland could remain in the EU, rendering more likely the dissolution of the UK.

On the Seventh Day of Brexit, our PM finally admitted we could have no trade deal with our biggest export market before we leave the EU.

On the Eighth Day of Brexit, the European Parliament published its negotiating guidelines and proved German car-makers don't make EU policy.

On the Ninth Day of Brexit, we learned 'no deal' means a "distinct possibility" there will be no flights for a time between the UK and EU.


jelltex said...

On the Tenth Day of Brexit, we learned the Remaining Member States weren't desperate for us to stay. They just want it over. 720 days to go.

jelltex said...

On the Eleventh Day of Brexit one group of Leavers said another had betrayed the Leave vote. And proved the 52% had chosen different things.

On the Twelfth Day of Brexit it leaked we would sacrifice the environment to our need for new trade deals to replace our EU membership.

On the 13th day of Brexit we were told that Euro clearing - employing tens of thousands - could not remain in the UK.

On the 14th day of Brexit we were isolated commercially and diplomatically. Legal control, it turns out, isn't really what matters.

jelltex said...

On the 15th day of Brexit, a leading FinTech player said at our leading FinTech event the industry should look beyond the UK. Humiliation.

jelltex said...

On the 16th day of Brexit real wages flatlined. With wages growth trending down and inflation trending up real wages will soon fall.

jelltex said...

On the 17th day of Brexit we learned our NHS was "reduced to begging" for staff. And that's before we restrict free movement.

jelltex said...

On the 18th day of Brexit we learned we'd made ourselves friendless. Not one of the r27 would back our call for parallel trade negotiations.

jelltex said...

On the 19th day of Brexit, we acknowledged the cost of losing the EU Banking and Medicines Agencies and fought to retain them. Hopelessly.

jelltex said...

On the 20th day of Brexit, the Government floated a scheme to permit low skilled EU nationals to continue to work here if we leave the EU.

jelltex said...

On the 21st day of Brexit - she lasted three whole weeks - it got a bit much for the PM. She broke her word and called a General Election.