Friday, 14 April 2017

Thursday 13th August 2017

Despite this week have just four working days, it seems to have gone on forever. This might be due to the fact I traveled to Belgium Sunday afternoon, but Jeez, this week is testing my patience. Jools tempts with by asking if I wanted the car for the day, in case I wanted to play hooky. Oh, I was tempted, but knew there was lots to do.

It didn't really help that my legs were killing me. That's what to expect when you don't do any exercise for weeks, then walk back along the cliffs, climbing up and down 1:2 slopes and all that. I tell myself its a good kind of ache. Am I right? Anyway, I shuffle round the house, I shuffle when I put the bins out onto the street and shuffle back.

I switch on the computer, read the e mails and just want the end of the day to come already. I go to make another coffee, make breakfast, and when I go back hope the news is better. And just about everyone else has been off on their holidays all week, like there is no work going on. As if.

Anyway, I have meetings, take calls and reply to mails. Work gets done, but not the work I should be doing, looks like I will be giving up a day of the long weekend to make up.

I look in the fridge for something for lunch. I say lunch, it wasn't half ten, but, you know. Food. There are two cold sausages, so I slice them and put them in a sandwich along with a thick coating of curry ketchup.

And back onto the treadmill, but my heart's not really in it. However, I struggle on.

One hundred and one Inbetween work, I do out with the camera to look at what is happening in the garden, and find that the quince tree, which we have moved again in order to find somewhere where it might grow and not have its leaves fall off. Anyway, much to my surprise, it has buds on most of the branches, meaning it is very happy where it now is. On the other side of the garden, the apple tree not only has buds, but is in flower. So I take shots. I also put up one final string of support for the wisteria, and bend the top branch into place, making sure it is trained and will continue up the post of the shelter.

Apple blossom At quarter to four, I set my out of office message, and sit with Molly on the sofa watching another Time Team.

Training wires It's the weekend.

It's Easter.

And Jools is bringing fish and chips home, so all I have to do is butter some bread and make brews.

She comes home just after six, laden with packages filled with salty, vinegary fish and chips. THere is no better smell, as you unwrap each one to put the food onto plates. Yes, we could eat them out of the paper, but we choose not to. Anyway, cheers, its the weekend.

We relax, or I relax by watching a documentary about Mary Magdalene. Jools falls asleep. And afterwards, not even the "excitement" of Man Utd in the Europa League can keep me from our bed.

Good night.

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