Monday, 20 March 2017

Grab some popcorn and watch the chaos unfold

Today it was announced by Number 10 that Article 50 notification will be sent to the EU Wednesday week.

So the phony war will end, and the shit will get real. Nothing that has happened since last JUne has convinced me of anything other than the fact it is an exercise in monumental folly, and that it really will not end well.

Me, and those, like me, who believe we are right in our thinking of how bad Brexit will be, can sit back and watch the chaos unfold, and at each turn we can say "we told you so", or, "what did you think would happen"

I hope I am wrong, I hope those like us are as wrong. And that in two years time Britain sails onto the sunlight uplands of a free trading nation. Rather than the reality that Britain has turned the clock back 50 years, won't guarantee the status of EU nationals that have lived here for decades, indeed some are already being refused leave to stay. Playing politics with people's lives, using them and their families are bargaining chips.

Already various industries have reported shortages in manpower; European workers went home for Christmas and did not return. Care Homes are already reporting such shortages of staff that contracts with local authorities will not be honoured.

But, remember this, every tax break given to industries or bankers will have to be paid, with less social security, us paying more taxes, or us working more hours. There is no free lunch, and it will be those at the bottom who will be paying more. Still, take back control, eh?

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