Saturday, 8 July 2017

Friday 7th July 2017

And here it is, the day before the weekend. We nearly made it!

We are awake at silly o'clock, it is warm and humid already, and the temperature is climbing, the sun shining from a clear blue sky. Damn, too good to be stuck at home. And yet, there is work to be done, copying and pasting to do.

Turns out there is only so much you can do early in the morning before there is no avoiding work. In fact this is not true, I could spend all day avoiding work.And in my youth used to as well. But they pay me well and there is a spreadsheet to work on. I hope to complete section 2, if I am lucky and other stuff doesn't get in the way.

One hundred and eighty five I make an extra strong coffee, have breakfast and so, we begin.

Yet more colleagues are on vacation, and even more leave early though the day until there is just me and my ex-boss working come two in the afternoon. By then I am on the sofa with the computer, copying and pasting and watching Le Tour. I had tried to be outside, chasing Gatekeepers around, but that was too hot. Heck, even sitting on the patio was uncomfortable. I do get shots of one of the flighty buggers, shot through the bright colours of the boarder we set up in place of the raspberries. Not a good shot of the butterfly, but colourful enough.

The cycling is glorious, not that gripping, but passing through the rolling vineyards of Burgundy and Bordeaux. I think that might be the next big trip for us, maybe not even a big trip, we could drive there in 6 hours I suppose. Now that would be rather wonderful, us driving along the Route des Grands Crus; now that would be splendid. Jools would have to drive as we would stop off at each vineyard for tastings.

Gatekeeper Pyronia tithonus Sorry for the delay, have been checking online and it seems it is just over 5 hours driving time from Calais, we could go for a long weekend or a mid-week break. What could be better? Will just have to run it by the boss.

Anyway, the pictures make it all seem so nice, and the views are free, even if the wines would not be.

Evening comes and Jools goes out to pick up fish and chips. It is Friday after all, and so will save the final slice of the Limoncello and Grappa tart for one afternoon over the weekend, as you do. And alas, there is no Don on TV, not from Longmeadow anyway, as there is yet another flower show on, so we watch two Horizon shows on SETI instead, and it appears we are not alone.

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