Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tuesday 4th July 2017

Independance Day (USA)

You know the times when you know you're not well, so book a non-urgent appointment at the doctors, and by the time you get there you think there really isn't anything really wrong with you? So you go, you tell the doctor and he listens and prods and pokes and declares that there really isn't anything wrong, or you are overweight. Well, that all day yesterday. I had an appointment with the chiropractor in the evening, and all day I convinced myself that the pain was better and it was all in my head.

Bu then before that there was a whole day of copying and pasting to do. Yes, that's why I studied hard for five whole days at Auditor school? Apparently so. Anyway, I am getting paid a King's ransom for doing this. At home. So, things could be worse. Always could be worse.

The day before I received my lasted photographic based toy: a 2X teleconverter. Nothing flash, but as we are going to see an eclipse next month, I thought I had better have some gear to be able to actually snap it. And as the internet has lots of advice, I thought a teleconverter would help make the totality a decent size come snapping time! Anyway, once it arrived it meant that I had to road test it.

Road test So after breakfast and before the copy and paste festival was due to begin, I attach the converter, and go into the garden. Despite it having what looked like the right electrical contacts, sadly the autofocus and IS system failed to work, but the TTL metering did, so, as I will be using it on infinity, should not be too much of an issue. I hope.

That done, it is time for work. So I make a fresh brew, have breakfast and ma ready just before eight. Or so.

As well as roadtesting the teleconverter, working I also decide that I should be baking, so through the day to break things up, I make a Limomoncello and Grappa tart, as raspberries are cheap and plentiful at the moment. I use a new recipe for sweet shortcrust pastry, which uses three egg yolks. The filling, as you may remember uses 12 more. So, a lot of shell cracking and separating to be done. But come eleven, it is in the oven, and smelling delicious. And once cooked it needs to cool, and then be chilled, but the good news is that it will be ready to test in the evening. And being a quality manager, I am qualified to judge whether it passes all quality tests.

Work goes on, either side of lunch, but come three in the afternoon my attention is waning. So, with the mobile on, I turn the laptop off, and with the clouds having rolled in through the afternoon, I swear it was chilly! Work doesn't seem bothered I am not online, so I watch Time Team, have a brew, and take things easy.

Once Jools is back at quarter to six, I have half an hour before I have to go to be told there was nothing wrong with me. We both agree the tart looks fabulous, and we can't wait to try it.

The surgery is just down the hill, a two minute drive, but across the Deal road. I am ten minutes early, so am able to watch people arrive for a pilates class. I was wondering if there was ever a pilates class for pirates. Could have helped the old sea dogs to a life of fitness of the grog.

Anyway, after a short wait, I go in, he knows about my case already, I explain where we are, and he lays his hands on me. And, turns out there is something, and bloody hell, has he squeezes, pummels and does his stuff, it begins to hurt. Swear out loud hurt. I was so surprised, because I had convinced myself there was not much wrong, but trapped muscle in my neck and shoulder.

One hundred and eight two But afterwards, it felt better. But this was just the first session in getting it better. And I have exercises to do too.

I drive back, then once home, make cheesy beans on toast, with a huge brew. This is a light meal as we are to have cream and tart for desert.

Come eight, tart, cream and coffee is served, it is a triumph, even if I say so myself, and is probably the best I have done in many attempts. Jools watches Dr Who, and I edit shots. Situation normal.

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