Thursday, 6 July 2017

Wednesday 5th July 2017

I woke up with an sore shoulder. Just to be expected really, but also wooly of head, as I could not be sure if it was Tuesday or Wednesday: it felt like a Tuesday, but wasn't there one yesterday?

Jools confirmed that there in fact been a Tuesday yesterday meaning this is Wednesday, halfway through the week and all that.

And I have a day of copying and pasting to look forward to. Again. And in fact, there could be weeks of this ahead, I just hope that it is useful, at least for me anyhow. Jools leaves, meaning its just me and the cats, and they go to sleep for half the day after breakfast, curled up in pools of sunshine on the beds. Yes, that would be a nice way to spend the day.

I make a batch of chili-seeded bread dough to rise through the morning, so I can have something fresh to go with the pastrami in the fridge. Thing is, come lunchtime, the rolls have been made, proved and baked, they are just plain too gorgeous to eat with anything than melted butter and apricot jam on them. THey were wonderful. I had made the rolls with the intention of making rolls in which to put in the fish cakes I had got out of the freezer, but with another roll with the last of jam eaten for a mid-afternoon snack, I was running out of rolls.

One hundred and eighty three I guess I did not sleep to well after all, and come two in the afternoon I could not concentrate, so switch off the computer and sit on the sofa with the Tour de France on quietly in the background. After snoozing for a while, I watch the last 50km and thrilled to see that, bringing all the excitement of the race, and amazed that the poor commentators burble for hours on end, no wonder they end up sprouting rubbish from time to time.

We have dinner once Jools comes home; fish cakes in home made rolls, and it is a triumph, amazing how something simple can be so enjoyable, not too filling so we were able to have another slice of the tart in the evening, as Jols was watching another Dr Who.

And then it came time to pay off the flight and make the final arrangements for the trip next month. It is time for the great reveal, that we are off to the US of A next month, to Colorado and Wyoming, mainly to see the solar eclipse, but also to visit Yellowstone and Little Big Horn National Forest. It has hung in the balance for many months, and we only said we would go a couple of weeks ago. So, we now have 5 and a bit weeks before we fly, and not much time to get excited.

Yes, it is all happening. And get to order some new t shorts for the trip, film related so to be able to have conversations with film geeks. I should have grown up by now, but clealy have failed. If you have failed to grow up by the time you're 50, you shouldn't have to.

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