Saturday, 1 July 2017

Friday 30th June 2017

And here comes Mr End of the Week, right on time. I am so happy that you've arrived I can tell you.

And with the end of week 26, Denmark really likes the numbering of the week thing, half of Denmark goes on holiday, and through weeks 27 to 30, the rest of the country will take vacation as well. It is assumed by most at head office all are about to go on vacation, messages of "have a good vacation" and enjoy the time off circulate, even to those who will carry on working, and do carry on working each and every year. Still, it will mean that the in box will be quiet. For several weeks.

One hundred and seventy eight So, my boss is already on the beach, and there is a department meeting in the afternoon where the message seemed to be, come three we are all off to the beach!

But there is the usual chores to do; time registration, travel and the ringing around of the usual suspects to see how they all are. At least the day starts sunny, and I go outside after Jools has left to look at the beds of colour we have created. Jools has created, and the air alive with bees and other insects.

By the time work ends at three, the sun has gone in, but always worth sitting in the garden, and that is where I am when Jools comes home just before four with the shopping. And that means no need to hurry about come Saturday morning. Which is good, right?

Shopping put away, coffee made, and time to relax.

Some days lots happens. Some days nothing happens. This was a day when little happened.

In the evening, Monty was delayed by an hour, not starting until nine, which is very nearly bed time. We do stay awake to see it all, and much to ponder about on their feature on bees, and no matter what fancy pollen laden stuff we may plant, they do like traditional plants like trees and hedges to feed on. Much to think about there.

But the day is over, and outside darkness has fallen, as already the nights have begun to get longer. Tomorrow is July, when we must do the final planning of the great adventure to eclipse all others. Ahem.

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