Thursday, 13 July 2017

Wednesday 12th July 2017

And here's Wednesday, right on the heels of Tuesday, just like it should be. We had decided not to set the alarm as Jools was to drop off the car at the garage for some checks, and so did not have to be there until eight, we wake at half six, but bimble around, and soon time is getting on, and I suppose it is a shock to find it takes nearly 90 minutes to get going of a morning. And years ago I used to leap out of bed, get dressed and go and deliver papers. Now I need one, if not two coffees to get my motor running in the mornings. Poor Jools has to drive for half an hour to Hythe, ad with the summer roadworks season a half hour trip can take an hour. So my commute from one chair to another is an easy one, especially with the radio playing as I wait for the work laptop to power up.

Outside the rain fell in stair rods, as predicted. The cats were happy enough to go to bed, and it was dark enough to need the lights on as I typed. Or copy and pasting. I did finish the section, took three days to complete, but still halfway to go. But, it seems a worthwhile task.

One hundred and eighty nine Outside the rain slows down, the clouds lifts and it gets brighter.

I press on, and with the holiday season continues there are no mails to deal with, and no phone calls. Such a change from the height of the last project when 50 mails could appear in a morning.

For lunch there is yet more rolls and gooseberry jam. I make two more of those disappear, and have eyes on the last remaining one, but I resist.

In the afternoon I take the laptop to the sofa and carry on working with Le Tour on the TV, meaning I was able to keep an eye on the excitement and do something productive, not just make home made rolls disappear. And come four, I am done for the day with another section done, and the final sprint to watch.

Once Jools is back, I have another appointment with the chiropractor, and he pulls, pummels and generally makes my shoulder ache, but the pain goes away. That'll be £40!

And back home we prepare fresh aubergine, and then shallow fry them and also make them disappear with the leftover pasta salad. And there is enough for me for lunch tomorrow too. The meal that keeps on giving.

We indulge in a bowl of peanut butter ice cream for desert; I mean we don't really need it, but ice cream. And somehow it is none in the evening already, and getting dark outside. The skies had cleared and the sun come out, and now a almost full moon rises over the house the other side of the dip. It is past full again, and already a segment top right is already in shade. The year moves on yet faster.

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