Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Monday 10th July 2017

It is second week of the summer holiday's in Denmark, and things will continue to be quiet for most of the month. This does give me a chance to get ahead with work, get ahead with the new project,. If only I can keep concentrating.

We are awake at sill o'clock again. It being a Monday, and in the middle of summer, with the sun already pouring in the room through a gap in the curtains. The alarm clock says it is ten past five. It is amazing how much, or how little you can do when you are up so early. Radio shows to listen to, breakfast to eat and coffee to make. And in the back garden, the sun streams down, insects are up and about collecting nectar and pollen, being busy and productive.

But eight come round in time, Jools has been left the house for 90 minutes already, and probably dealing with the stuff she does. My inbox reveals three mails over the weekend, two from IT saying there was a service interruption. And that it had been fixed. My list of contacts has 90% away, so it will be quiet. Very quiet.


Scully wanting breakfast comes in, I point her to the window sill where her breakfast always is, and she eats.


5 minutes later, she is meowing again, wanting more breakfast. I give in for the quiet life.


Scully has caught a mouse, and despite two breakfasts is going to eat I take the mouse corpse away, and Scully seems not that bothered.

Back to work. And the day continues as usual, me copy and pasting and updating the document I am creating.

There is no Le Tour to take my attention in the afternoon. So I plug away with work, and keeping an eye on Twitter with news of the omnishambles that is Brexit. You might have seen my other posts about that. Thing is, it is like living in a news story, one that the BBC hardly covers, and yet there is huge things at stake if the PM and her team don't do their job.

Anyway, come four in the afternoon and the day is done. There is dinner to prepare, cats to feed and the other stuff.

One hundred and eighty seven During the day, more seeds arrived; for next year, more Yellow Rattle and a chalk downland meadow mix. I think we have got used to the long grass on what used to be the lawn, but as it is a haven for wildlife and cats, there really is only good things to say about it.

Jools battles home through thick traffic heading to the ports, taking half an hour longer than usual. But as we have inslata caprese, at least dinner doesn't spoil. There is warm evening sunshine outside, plants need watering, and afterwards we can sit in the shelter, drinking coffee and eating chunks of orange chocolate.

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