Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Monday 3rd July 2017

And just lie that, the weekend has passed us by once again, and it is Monday morning once more. A bright and sunny MOnday morning, and a day in which planned to do lots of work, if only the delights of all human knowledge which is available at the click of a mouse; in short, I am easily distracted by stuff on my home computer. And I believe to do this, I would have to actually switch it off when I wanted to work. And no sneaky peaks at Flickr or Twitter.

OK, only at lunchtime.

And at ten when I make a brew. And in the afternoon when I have a coffee.

But apart from that, just work, work work.

We get up, do the usual stuff, and I am on the computer, looking to see if the world was as stupid as Sunday night, and it was. Perhaps even more so, but that is to be expected I guess.

Jools leaves for work at then to seven, I have a shower, then have breakfast and more coffee. And, be strong now. Switch my computer off and turn the work PC on, and away we go. See, that wasn't hard. I'm sure the twitching and nervous tick will stop in time.

And away we go, no distractions, no music, no messages. Just pure work. One minute, two minutes pass. And then I am into the swing of it.

Come ten in the morning, I stop for coffee, and as I drink, I put mine back on; surf a bit, edit some shots. And when the cup is empty, switch it back off again.

One hundred and eighty one And work.

Lunch comes, I fry up some leftover chorizo hash, mix it up and make an omelette out of it. I was tempted to have the last glass of wine in the bottle, but not a good idea on a work day. When I am working.

Molly brings me a vole in for a snack; I say thanks and pretend to eat it. I give her some special kibbles as a treat, which is what she expects and then goes out to catch another vole, or mouse.

Come half three I am done with work, copy and pasting for all my life is worth. Copying from a PDF into a Excel shot, having to insert paragraph breaks, and correcting errors. It takes ages, and after two days I ham halfway through the third document, with only 40 or so to do. A colleague says it will take three weeks. I now believe him.

I go in the garden to sit in the shelter, and I am joined by all the cats; Mulder on my lap as he is an attention-seeking tart of a cat, Scully making a nest in the raised beds, and Molly in the long grass behind, doing her best tiger impression. This is the life, sitting in our garden, surrounded by the stuff we planted. And now we have loganberries to eat; apparently they are better for cooking, but if you pick a really ripe one, it is just about edible.

Dinner is dirty pizzas. And after by comment that the ones Jools has been buying have been a bit tepid, she buys me a spicy meat and chili pizza. It is hot, has my lips tingling by the time I have eaten it all. Go for the burn.

And that, was Monday. I've had worse. And tomorrow there is the promise of chiropracticary inflicted pain, which will be for my own good. I expect.

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