Saturday, 15 July 2017

More Brexit

I was going to write another Brexit post, seeing as the Government published some stuff this week, including the much vaunted "Great Repeal Bill", which now is no longer "great" or a "repeal" either. And the main point to take from it is that after swearing they would not use EU nationals living in Britain and EU nationals living in the EU as bargaining chips, the bill revealed, they would be used as bargaining chips after all. In the event of a no deal scenario, EU national would lose all their rights, what they had left. All those nurses, doctors, car home workers, fruit pickers and so on, those that are left, will not be happy.

EasyJet announced it is looking for a European base to continue its operations, as it needs to book slots in 2019, and the open air sky agreement which we are part of as an EU member will no longer apply. And the Brexiteer morons who said they would use other airlines fail to realise this will affect all airlines.

And there is still no new on EURATOM, the EU says leaving the EU is leaving that too. No surprise there. And for the doddery old Granddad that is Jeremy Corbyn, he still does not want to say what Labour's position on the Custom's Union is, some 14 months after the vote. I mean, you really could not make this shit up.

And finally, three days after our esteemed Foreign Secretary said in the COmmons that the EU could whistle for the exit bill, David Davis confirmed a bill would be paid. So another capitulation, as expected. This is all going so well, taking back all that control.

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