Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Brexit turkeys vote for Brexit Christmas

A few lines describing what has happened in the world of Brexit: Wolds really, as there is what happens in the Westminster bubble and then repeated in the media and what reality is deciding what happens.

This week the Government lead the Great Repeal Bill through its second reading in the Commons, where it could and should have been defeated. But because seven Labour MPs defied the whip, the bill passed and now goes on to the committee stage and then The Lords. By which time it will be a different bill and many of the powers to Government wants to give itself will have been watered down.

But this should have been done in The Commons, with Parliament asserting it's authority, as it should in a democracy. Instead it rolled over and allowed a lot of it's powers to pass into the hands of Minsters to create or annul bills and rights at will with little or no oversight. This is a dictator's charter, and I think it is fair to say that no other Western Democracy has passed anything like this before. It does not bode well for any of our rights come March 2019.

Last week the Government's paper on the Irish border was rejected by the Irish Government, which means they must come up with another plan which satisfies to opposing needs; the need to have a hard border at the edge of the EU and the need to have no border according to the Good Friday Agreement.

And then there is the fact that the EU thinks it is unlikely that talks between the EU and Britain on trade can go ahead as there is little progress on the three initial issues. And as ever, the clock is ticking, with just over a year left before the ratification process, if there is anything to ratify, is due to start.

I suppose the most depressing thing of this week is that there appears to be the belief in some MP's minds that the process is still in Britain's hands, that it can dictate new terms of a transition deal, or that such a change is a gift only of the EU27. And that the Great Repeal Bill itself was needed to implement the "will of the people", when in reality it is needed because preparations for Brexit we so non-existent that in order to change ALL laws that mention EU or the UCJ into British law. But the bill goes further, enabling a Minister to change or annul any bill they see fit, or even change the Great Repeal Itself, without oversight.

I mean that they have made such a pig's ear of things thus far, they will now be able to undermine centuries of domestic laws and rights.

Because that's what the referendum was for, right?

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