Sunday, 2 August 2020


Rge Russia report has been forgotten, almost as though not caring or even asking questions at if a foreign power interfered with our democracy doesn't matter. It doesn't really when the Prime Minister ennobles a former Russian diplomat to the House of Lords.

Yes, a Russian, in the House of Lords.

Also a massive doner to the Conservative Party.

Meanwhile the chaos regarding COVID mitigation and measures is as confusing as ever, with crowds no longer allowed to attend cricket matches, even in vastly reduced numbers, and in the World Snooker Championships, a spare crowds seen there until Friday are now banned too.

But you can go down the pub, meet your mates, go to a kebab shop, back to the pub. But no go back to yours for a nightcap. At least in Manchester and West Yorkshire, elsewhere its fine.

The promise to test everyone in care homes is to be abandoned. The media will hardly notice, let alone ask questions as to why and what about the sick and elderly.

And this week the PM and Health Secretary praised their Government's and their own actions in tackling COVID. It's like facts don't matter.

People's lives certainly don't, we're just the little people. Who work. Pay taxes.

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