Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Taking the credit for Brexit

Here's a question for you: if Brexit was such a good idea, then why aren't the Brexiteers lining up to take credit for it?

Instead, they are lining up to blame everyone, anyone, apart from themselves.

No credit and they share the blame to everyone else.

The Brexiteers and Johnson tell is that the UK will be ready for no deal. Preparations are nearly complete.

Is that when the pilot of an aircraft comes on the tannoy and says that the plane is about to slam into a mountain and tells you to adopt the brace position. This won't stop the crash or stop it hurting, it might just stop you from breaking your neck.

Preparations for Brexit are similar. You won't be able to stop Brexit from slamming into the wall of reality. I mean you can panic buy baked beans and tinned piltchards, but as Brexit is forever, you'll run out of emergency rations pretty soon.

If Brexit was such a good idea, why is £6 billion being spunked on it, and why is there plans for food and medicines to be airlifted in, like some giant version of the Berlin Airlift?

This shot should only happen in wartime, not a period of prosperity.

And this will be the new normal. Once, or if the UK leaves, on 31st October, it will take a generation to rejoin.

If the EU will have us.

Today, the Prime Minister of the UK accused the former Chancellor of the Exchequer of collaborating with the EU to frustrate and stop Brexit. Stange, I thought it was the ERG who voted against Brexit three times, whilst Phillip Hammond voted for it three times.

But, apparently, that is not the one true Brexit.

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